Welcome to Morris Park.

You are a parent. A grandparent.
A cherished, beloved person deserving of impeccable care.

Step into a world where handpicked staff members treat residents as they would Mom and Dad—with gentle reverence, painstaking attention to detail, and genuine care.


For Morris Park’s founding family owners, nursing care is a legacy—cultivated with love since 1971. Meet directors who insist on face-to-face talks and personal interaction, because there is nothing more pressing than your satisfaction.


In a facility rated FIVE STAR for quality measures by Medicare, mediocrity is not an option. Expect to see ongoing, substantial investments in the rehab field’s most innovative new equipment—because in these parts, there is no cutting corners.


90% of Morris Park’s employees have been with the facility for years—thanks to the collaborative spirit, award-winning professionalism, and palpable positive energy. Meet 254 talented team members who are passionate about making you happy.


Our seasoned therapists have only one goal: get you back to yourself, safely & quickly. In a rehab gym open 6 days a week, their single-minded dedication yields an astoundingly high turnover—and we’re thrilled to see our residents head home the moment they can.

To us, you’re Mom and Dad.

Discover why 10,327 seniors to date have chosen Morris Park for their care.

I have collaborated with Morris Park’s staff for years, and I can testify that the level of care is unusually high. Without exception, every member of their team is professional, compassionate, and single-mindedly dedicated to the health of the residents. It is my pleasure to warmly recommend their services.

Raphael Treitel, President, CHE Psychological Services

Morris Park has been a haven for me; it is a place of safety and comfort. Throughout my stay in rehab, the staff showed true concern for my physical and emotional well-being. They helped me recover with expertise, professionalism, and warmth. I feel deep gratitude to everyone at Morris Park - I consider them family.

Yvonne Green, Rehab patient

I have no real family. The staff at Morris Park have become my family. My social worker is my best friend—she looks after me like family. I will be very sad when I have to leave...I will miss you all very much.

Theadore W. Vance, Rehab patient

The facility is beautiful and clean. The staff is dedicated and professional; the food is tasty with choices. They know their seniors and attend to their individual needs. I feel fortunate that my dad is in the hands of Morris Park.

Wei Shen

Morris Park was a very good experience for me. The staff was excellent. The rehab team - I just love them, five thumbs up! Recreation was excellent. I loved participating in the programs.

Danita Kearse, Rehab patient

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A half a century of love. From our family to yours.

We’ve been caring for seniors like you since 1971. And there’s nothing that makes us prouder.